Saturday, July 2, 2011

week 8 Susan--Jewelry for KIC!!!

Hi Ginger,

Yesterday, (Friday, June 24) was the first time this summer I have been to the beach after rainfall. Woo hoo! Because of this, it was hard to discern patterns in the sand, so I did lots of checking and re-checking to make sure I wasn't mising any turtle tracks.   (Thanks so much for "checking and re-checking" Susan!!) There was, however, still lots of very visible litter.

My totals for yesterday in zone 3 were 2 bags of trash, and 1 very full reusable bag of recyclables (equivalent to 4 grocery bags of recyclables). Litter included:

22 plastic bottle caps
2 plastic spoons
1 plastic knife
1 plastic grocery bag
4 styrofoam cups
5 ads for Sandbar

15 sand toys

1 toy car
5 ziplock bags
14 plastic cups
1 beer bottle
15 plastic straws
1 child's Croc shoe
13 plastic water/juice bottles

7 aluminum beer/soda cans
1 bottle of Africa's best Herbal Oil

59 cigarette butts

Sadly, one of the ziplock bags I found was full of coquilla clams that had been left to die. I am hoping that it was done by a child who didn't know they were live organisms.

Large items that I discarded at the beach included 1 tee shirt, 1 white hotel towel, and 1 pole from an umbrella.

I wanted to also mentioned that I added an item to my Etsy shop this week that's to commemorate the efforts of the KIC team. I'm hoping to spread the word about our work!


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