Saturday, July 30, 2011

week 13--Julie Nichols thanks WB Sanitation and meets other kindred spirits in zone 2

This Julie Nichols.  I subbed for Renee this morning in Zone 2.
It was quite trashy out there this morning.  I picked up 2 bags of items…mostly the bigger stuff—articles of clothing, fireworks, cups, bottles and toys. Didn’t have time on a weekday to pick up everything, so I aimed for the big stuff. I cleaned up around the gazebo area while I waited for my walking buddy.  Trash wasn’t too bad there, except that you really don’t want the first thing a visitor sees when approaching the beach to be a discarded pair of panties. L

No turtle tracks, but for the good part -- I saw a couple get engaged at sunrise in the life guard stand.  Nice!

I also ran into a visiting family.  The mom had stuff in her hand and saw my bag and asked if it was trash and she contributed.  She said she’d picked up quite a bit of trash around the pier and she just couldn’t understand how people could come to this beautiful beach and leave their trash.  I told her about the turtle walkers in the morning and that we also pick up trash and thanked her for helping.

There were no full or overflowing trash cans.  Thanks WB sanitation dept. 

I’ll be doing it again for Renee next Thursday.


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