Saturday, July 2, 2011

week 9 John & Ginger--We are all "beams of light"

Hello Sunshine!!!

John and I had a beautiful sunrise as we entered Zone 4.

We encountered a HUGE hole in front of life guard stand 10.  I did not climb inside and you cannot tell from this picture, but it probably came up to my chest!!!  It was huge.  The scary thing is that as I was standing there looking at it, I could see sand falling from the walls.  You might ask "why is that scary?"  Well, because from research we have done in the past, we know that holes made from sand are the most unstable and dangerous according to engineers.  The sand can collapse at any time trapping any person or animal that is inside.  If the hole is near the tideline (which this one was), the sand can act like quick sand and make it incredibly difficult to dig someone out.  We also know that there are accounts of people being trapped in sand almost every year causing emergency crews to be called onto the scene.  In fact, 60% of victims trapped in sand holes die (a very dangerous scenario indeed).

So, while I was standing there watching the sand fall, it made me shiver to think that someone may crawl into that hole.  Unfortunately, I did not have time to fill it in, but since it was in front of the Life Guard Station, I felt certain that they would take the time to fill it in and protect everyone's safety on the beach.  A thanks to all life guards who keep our beaches safe---please let everyone know that there is a town ordinance requiring beach goers to fill in their holes before they leave the beach.  Any turtle or human falling into such big holes would surely be injured, if not worse!

Farther south, we spotted a sea turtle sand sculpture.

And then we spotted what seemed to be the makings of a Castle.  As you can see from this picture it is a very large castle with large moats around it---Again a dangerous obstacle for sea turtles and humans.  The mound of sand that formed the castle was so large we had to walk around it---as large as some of the natural sand dunes on WB.  Obviously, we all have more and more education to do.

Closer to Crystal Pier, we found a kite that was tied to a pole and it was "high flying".

And of course as we reached the Pier, I could hear a flute---it was beautiful.  I knew it was Sonny, John and Jesse.  Sonny informed me that his band, Transtrum would be playing on Castle Street July 8 & 9 for the Sea Turtle benefit.  Sonny also informed me that "transtrum" means "beam of light" and he said "we are all beams of light".  I love that---thank you Sonny.

We collected a total of 6 bags of trash which included:
11 butts
8 plastic bottles

4 plastic cups
7 toys

2 balloons
24 straws

4 plastic bags
3 ziplock bags
2 cans
1 cloth napkin
1 shoe
2 hair bands
13 bottle caps
1 cigarette package
4 plastic lids
1 pacifier
lots of paper and plastic bits

Also, as we were boating the weekend before, we pulled two more plastic bags out of the water, so I am adding those to our numbers.

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