Saturday, July 23, 2011

week 12 Police respond to tent structures by Rick and Jill

Hi Ginger,

Woo hoo on the nest you guys found!  I'm sooooo happy we have #3!

Sorry I haven't reported in awhile...I've been out of town and been relying on wonderful subs to cover : )

Here's the report for this week:

Tuesday, 7/19: Zone 4 - 1 full bag - nothing out of the ordinary
Friday, 7/22: Zone 0 - 1/2 bag, but much classier trash (glass instead of plastic drinking cup) - and forgetful fishermen that left a whole container of bait shrimp.  We also picked up a few spent fireworks...definitely not what nesting turtles would be drawn to.

Also, there was a tent at the very north end all set up with coolers, fishing poles, chairs, etc.  We called the WB police, but no one answered.  So we called the Wilmington police and they patched us in.  The policeman came while we were just leaving so hopefully they won't be camping again.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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