Saturday, July 9, 2011

week 10 Michelle HUGE HOLES!!!!

Good July 6TH from Zone 4,

I expected to find more trash this morning because of the holiday, and was I ever right.  FOUR bags full of trash, which is a record day for me! Beach towels, chairs, plastic toys, flip flops, a mans shirt, cigarette lighter, 4TH of July sparklers, water bottles, aluminum cans, straws, two boggie boards, 42 cigarette butts, and an amazing amount of litter!

There are TWO HUGE HOLES between the Oceanic and the water tower.  One is so deep that they have a ramp to walk down into it.  There was a beach chair in the bottom of the hole next to two shovels.  Several Bud Light beer cans around the top of the hole.  That hole is so deep that when I stood in it I could not see out.  I am 5'5"!  The other hole is so deep that even though the tide was out, there is still water in the bottom.  Please be careful and don't fall in these holes!!!

Also a lot of trash under Crystal Pier.  Lots of restaurant receipts, chairs, and a key to "room 301".  

The more trash I found this morning, the harder I looked for turtle tracks.  Unfortunately, there were none for me.  Let's keep looking and not give up hope:)  Michelle

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