Saturday, July 2, 2011

week 9 John & Terri & Celia / Birds, Jelly Fish, & "Thank You" from India!

From Tuesday morning

We walked Zone 0 and 1.  Celia Jones also walked Zone 0 and part of Zone 1, which we didn't know she was doing until we met her mid-walk.  (There apparently was some confusion over who would sub for Zone 0, so it got double coverage!)  Anyway, she got there ahead of us and collected lots of trash which we probably would have had to do.  Thanks, Celia.

We saw many more dead jellyfish than ever before--many more.  On the plus side, one benefit of walking Zone 0 was seeing the great signs made and posted by local school children.   Wonderful to see; go look if you haven't already seen them.  I've attached photos of just a few of them.

Our trash

3 empty water bottles
2 empty soda cans
1 plastic toy shovel
1 pair of goggles
1 rubber strap of some sort
1 boogie board
several plastic baggies, including one big size
1 foam football
lots of fruit rinds
the usual plastic straws, bottle caps, cigarette butts

Happy Fourth of July!


Yes, I did sub for Zone 0 Tuesday and did pick up one large bag of trash.  Mostly small pieces of stuff, a few toys, and the usual plastic bottles.  It's always nice to meet up with the Littlejohn's on the beach.  :)  I agree that we are seeing more jelly fish on the north end of Wrightsville Beach.  I love the signs the school children made too, great photos, Terri! 

The best thing that happened Tuesday morning was having a couple from Bombay, India stop me to thank me for picking up trash.  The man said, "that's so sweet".  This, of course, opened the door for me to talk about Sea Turtles and you guys now have fans in India!  cbj 

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