Wednesday, July 20, 2011

week 12 Celia meets Vicki in zone 1

Ginger...Congratulations on your NEST!  I cried when I read Nancy's message.  :)  I'm subbing in Zone 4 tomorrow for Michelle Leonard and I can't wait to check on your nest.  I will be in Virginia and miss the two earlier nests when they hatch, but will be back in time to see your babies scurry to the ocean.

I subbed for the Littlejohns in Zone One this morning and I will be subbing for them again next week while they are in Alaska.

Zone One, July 19th:  One large bag of 'stuff'.  I found usual plastic beach toys, including one Sea Turtle shaped sand mold.  I left those at the life guard stand.  I did run into volunteer, Vicki Debaets at Shell Island Resort, but decided she was definitely not trash and let her go on her merry way.  Celia

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