Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A very beautiful post for nest #2 by Kym Davidson

Hi Everyone,

Below is a blog that Nest #2 Mama, Kym Davidson posted on WHQR blog site.  I am so happy she shared it with me so that I could post it here.  Kym's excitement really comes through in the post and it is contagious!!!!!  (Nest #2 was found several weeks ago---sorry that I am late in posting)


Kym Davidson, Underwriting Representative:
After four summers of walking Wrightsville Beach every Sunday morning, enjoying the sunrises and abhorring the trash,  I was actually greeted with turtle tracks leading to a nest!  Last Sunday in the early morning hours, and in the light of a nearly full moon, a mama turtle decided to lay her eggs in the very zone I walk, on the very day I walk it!  With five zones being monitored and maintained seven days a week with very little turtle activity, this was a remarkable discovery!  Of course this nest is shared with many eager Wrightsville Beach Sea Turtle Project volunteers which now partners with Keep It Clean – working to make WB a safe and beautiful beach for all its visitors, especially the sea turtles.  So far to date, over 35 of our volunteers have collected over 300 bags of garbage this turtle nesting season, trash that would otherwise be in our waters.  Toward the end of the summer, we hope to witness these eggs hatch, as baby turtles will begin their journey to grow and flourish and hopefully return to our beaches to repeat the cycle.  In the meantime, we will keep attempting to ‘keep it clean’ and safe for them. Right now I am enjoying the excitement of being a sea turtle nest-mama!

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