Saturday, July 9, 2011

week 10 A Wedding & A Helping Hand by Gina & Sami

Hi Ginger,

TRASH REPORT ZONE 3  Wednesday, JULY 6TH, 2011

Today I walked with my daughter, Sami, 12 yrs. old -  (Cindy, hope your foot is feeling better) Besides collecting 4 Bags of Trash, it was a very interesting morning!  We saw a Sun-Rise Wedding on the beach and met a young man, along our walk that offered to help pick up trash, & asked us for an extra trash bag, so I gladly gave him one, and thanked him.

We collected 4 Plastic Bags of Trash
plastic straws, plastic spoons, bottle caps, lots of pieces from firework items, beer bottles, soda cans, plastic shovels, flip flops, 2 broken chairs, boogie board, sheet, 2 towels, bathing suit and a comforter.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Gina DeVaughn and Sami

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