Saturday, July 2, 2011

week 8---8 straws (1 for each week) ;)

Wanted to tell you that my family from out of town picked up 8 straws at Oceanic yesterday morning during their walk. "Still in wrappers...It was obvious they blew off the pier."


My concern with straws in paper is that a "single use plastic" item was not even used one time before it became non-biodegradable litter.  Also, if a wrapped straw blew off the pier, did the customers ask for another straw?  If so, then that is more waste.  I really wish the area restaurants would reduce use of straws and only supply them on a limited basis (such as someone needs it for medical reasons, etc.)  I think if the restaurants adopted the position of "we do not serve plastic straws due to their detrimental impact on our environment", the customers would embrace it (at least most customers).  Come on Oceanic, lead this movement!!!!


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