Monday, July 25, 2011

week 13 John & Ginger find 28 toys in zone 4

It rained on us today, but that did not deter us.  We collected 8 bags of trash and could have gotten more.  We also carried some in our hands b/c we came upon one area in which several toys were left.  Now, we did not gather these toys right away just in case someone came to get them.  We walked the entire zone and collected them on the way back.  My thoughts are that someone abandoned the toys during the storm yesterday.  If the owner reads this blog and would like to reclaim the toys, I will be happy to turn them over, but neither John nor I felt good about leaving them on the beach.  I would like to add that there were no others signs of residence around the toys.  No cooler, no chairs, no towels---nothing---just toys.  I wish I had taken a picture of them on the beach, but the batteries were dead on our camera and I did not want to pull the cell phones out in the drizzle.

We also found lots of bottle caps and straws today.  The worse was the cigarette butts, which we did not collect due to time and wanting to search for tracks.  Had we focused on the butts, we would have never lifted our heads.

In total, we collected 8 bags of trash which included the following:
51 bottle caps
32 straws
3 plastic cup lids
1 plastic bag
1 ziplock bag
1 towel
1 umbrella
3 boogie boards
1 tampon (yuck and double yuck!)
several bandaids
3 styrofoam cups
1 balloon piece
1 plastic cup
7 Slim Jim wrappers
1 plastic 6-pack ring
3 beer cans
5 plastic bottles
4 shoes
28 toys
2 chap sticks
1 pair of reading glasses
1 pair of little girl's underwear
lots of other bits and bops of trash.

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