Tuesday, July 19, 2011

week 11 Ginger zone 4 balloons and structures & overflowing trashcans

This week I walked alone because John was out of town.

I collected 6 bags of trash and found one structure left on the beach

 and one trashcan that was overflowing.  However, there were bags from the town in the trashcan, so I know the ambassadors were educating beachgoers about keeping WB clean.

24 butts
2 plastic cups
2 styrofoam cups
26 bottle caps
4 plastic bottles
9 cans
1 t-shirt
1 boogie board
1 chair
3 balloons

15 toys
2 plastic lids
4 shoes
2 ziplock bags
1 plastic bag
13 straws

1 package of horny goat weed????

I am also adding 2 plastic bags and 1 ziplock bag that we collected from the beach on a different day.

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