Monday, July 4, 2011

Week 10 - Kathleen Holly--"for the animals"

Walked from docks around to the jetty and up to water tower.  yesterday and today picked up 5 gal of trash.  2 hoodie sweatshirts, 4 empty beer bottles, 9 cans.. emptied some, butts, 1 cute skirt; too short for me, 3 tee shirts, 7 flops, 8 empty plastic and paper cups plus straws, 2 cig llghters, lots of pieces of candy wrappers, tags etc..

plus.. the 2 bright colored (pink and a yellow) fish lures with BIG hooks attached; on Masonboro inlet side..

have a very happy 4th.. knowing a lot of trash has been removed that will save a few animals.  

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