Saturday, July 2, 2011

week 9 Susan--Smoke and Fog on WB

Hi Ginger,

Yesterday in zone 3, I did not collect nearly as much litter as normal. However, I don't think that means it wasn't there. I think that just means I couldn't see it! The fog there was unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was so thick that visibility was probably about 20 feet, at the most.

It was kind of eerie to every now and then here a voice on the beach, but look up and not be able to see where it was coming from.

It kind of reminded me of being in a snow storm, or a big cloud!

While the sunrise is usually in its full glory by 6 am at this time of year, yesterday the beach remained quite dark, and not a shred of sunrise was visible. Finally at about 7 am, I looked up to see the sun just barely glowing through the fog.

My litter totals for the morning were 1 bag of trash, and 1/2 my reusable bag (equivalent to 2 grocery bags) of recyclables and sand toys. The bag of trash was lots of plastic bits such as cracker and candy wrappers, Rita's cups, plastic utensils, straws, and a swim diaper.

There seemed to be plastic bottle caps and cigarette butts every time I looked down.

Recyclables/reusables included 7 beer/soda cans, 4 water bottles, and 14 sand toys. I also discovered some of what I guess I'll call "natural litter." Someone had written Bible versus on shells with a marker then scattered them about.

The coolest sight of the day was a small group of surfers who decided to brave the unusual weather. You couldn't really see them sitting out in the water on their boards. But every now and then one would emerge from the fog on a wave. It was pretty neat looking.

Happy Fourth of July!


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  1. I was wondering what it was like at WB with the smoke! wow.

    ...and we found a shell with John 3:16 on it by JM pier. hmm.